You will work with the very best teachers, schools and organisations in the North of England.

Exchange Teacher Training is led by a diverse partnership of credible organisations and educationalists serving Yorkshire and the Humber, the Northeast, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire. Partners have a proven track record and many are at the forefront of developments in teaching practice and professional learning nationally.  

Our shared moral purpose is to improve the quality of teaching in our communities so that all children and young people achieve their full potential. We unite the interests and talents of our region, exchange knowledge and expertise, and create a commonwealth of resource which is being mobilised for the benefit of all. You will join a powerful community of practice.  

Lead Delivery Partners work closely with you to ensure a local offer that meets your needs as a trainee. 

Exchange Teacher Training South Yorkshire

Exchange Teacher Training West Yorkshire

Exchange Teacher Training Lincolnshire Three Counties

Exchange Teacher Training North East